What To Wear For Your Your Photo Session?

Selecting the right clothes is very important when being photographed.  That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit but the right clothes set the tone for your photos.   Keep it simple and comfortable when picking out clothing & jewelry, your photos should be a reflection of your personality.


Wear clothes that complement your skin tone.  Solids, pastels and neutrals colors work best.  Skirts and pants should always be at least a shade darker than your shirt.  Avoid large logos, overwhelming patterns, horizontal stripes and loud colors.   For casual photos, its best to wear pastel colors.  For formal photos, white, black or blue clothing is best. No matter what style you are going for keep in mind that plunging necklines, exposed arms, and mid-drifts will distract from the photo.

Family  & Couple Portraits

Whether you are having a formal or casual style family portrait there are a few tips to keep in mind.   Keep everyone in the same color scheme,  you don’t need identical shirts but keep the color consistent.    Your clothes should complement each other.   Avoid large logos, patterns, horizontal stripes and loud colors.


Children Portraits

Kids should wear brighter colors clothing, however, do still avoid logos, patterns.  Do bring a few outfits, and props.  A well-loved toy, stuffed animals, or the family pet can add an interesting element to the photo and help put your child at ease.  Parents even if you don’t plan on being in the photo, you should come dressed and prepared, your little one might be more comfortable if you join them in the photo.

Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are a reflection of you in high school.   Captain of the football team?  Member of the band?  Bring your uniforms and maybe a prop if you’d like.  When picking out your outfits you should always bring at least one outfit that is little dressy something you would wear to a wedding and another outfit should be more casual. Senior photo session tends to take longer than other sessions because we allow time for changing and traveling to multiple locations.


Pet Portraits

Your pet is part of the family so why not get their portraits taken too. The most important part of preparing your pet is keeping them happy and comfortable.  A Happy pet will make for some great photos.   Always have your pets favorite toy or treats handy.


January 19, 2019

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