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Hi there! I'm Lorie-Lyn, just your everyday mom, wife, and photographer, deeply in love with capturing life's simplest yet most precious moments. My photography adventure started with a Nikon in hand at dog shows, where every wag and woof sparked my passion. But soon, I realized that my heart truly lies in capturing the laughter, love, and light in people's lives – though my golden retriever, Rajah, still claims his spot in front of my lens now and then!

To me, photography is more than taking pictures; it's about freezing those fleeting moments of joy, candid smiles, and genuine connections in a way that feels real and heartfelt. I'm all about keeping it natural and light, focusing on those unscripted moments that you'll look back on and treasure.

My path has led me to work with wonderful families all over Massachusetts, helping them hold onto those special moments through my photography. And when I'm not out there shooting, I'm giving back to my community by volunteering for charities that mean the world to me.

Outside of photography, I wear many hats: tech enthusiast, beach lover, and, most importantly, a mom and wife navigating the beautiful chaos of life. My journey is filled with continuous learning, fueled by my drive to provide a relaxed and joyful experience for everyone I photograph.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to get to know you and capture the essence of what makes your family unique. Let's create memories together that are as real and beautiful as you are.

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a few of my favorite things...

our golden, Rajah


reading books

lists and schedules

ethan james


We have an adorable golden retriever named Rajah who is the biggest cuddler!

I love lists. Often times I make lists about lists. Oh, and no one can ever have enough office supplies.

I'm the proud mom of a handsome baby boy named Ethan James!

Let's just say, the fire department usually has to join for dinner. I'm a terrible cook.

I'm a software junkie! I am the Director of Enterprise Applications at CarGurus.com.

My favorite book is Little Women. I probably read about 20 to 50 books per year.

Ready to get your photo session on the calendar and stop stressing?

I know what it’s like to be a busy mom who wants family photos but doesn’t want the stress of making the kids behave or getting the hubs to smile for photos. I’m here to offer a pain-free experience and amazing photos you can frame for years to come.

let's do this!