Embracing Motherhood and Rediscovering Passion: My Journey Back to Lorie-Lyn Photography

Welcome to Lorie-Lyn Photography, where moments are captured, memories are cherished, and smiles are frozen in time. I’m thrilled to share my personal journey of coming back to my photography business after taking a break to welcome the most precious gift in my life – my son. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs, as I navigated the beautiful chaos of motherhood while reigniting my passion for photography.

A tender moment between Lorie-Lyn and her son Ethan, captured by Vanessa Cosby Photography at New Bedford Water Works Pump Station

Inspiration and Love for Photography

I have always had a deep love for photography and a creative spirit. It allows me to marry my technical skills with my artistic vision, creating images that tell stories and capture emotions. What truly fuels my passion is the ability to make families feel comfortable and relaxed during sessions. I believe in the power of authentic moments, where the true essence of each family shines through. Kids are never going to smile on command, and that’s okay – we have fun together, creating genuine and heartfelt photographs.

The Impact of Motherhood

When I found out I was going to have a baby, my husband and I were filled with excitement and nerves. As career-oriented individuals, we wondered how our lives would change and if we would lose a part of ourselves. However, after welcoming our son Ethan, I discovered that motherhood didn’t diminish who I was; instead, it enhanced and improved me as a person.

Appreciating the Beauty of Every Moment

Becoming a mother has deepened my appreciation for photographs. Children grow up so quickly, and their transformations happen in the blink of an eye. Photography allows me to freeze those fleeting moments, creating tangible memories that will last a lifetime. Additionally, I realized that as a mom, I often found myself behind the camera, capturing moments for others but rarely appearing in the photographs myself. Recognizing this, I made it a priority to find a talented photographer, Vanessa Cosby Photography, to capture our annual family photos, ensuring that I could be present in those cherished memories.

The Motivation to Return

During my maternity break, I deeply missed the joy of meeting new families and capturing their special moments. Many of my clients return year after year, and it is a privilege to witness their families grow and celebrate milestones with them. Hearing the excitement in their voices and seeing their enthusiasm when they learned about my return warmed my heart and motivated me to dive back into the world of photography.

Balancing Motherhood and Business:

Balancing being a new mom and restarting my business was no small feat. Family always comes first, so I made sure to establish a balanced schedule in collaboration with my husband. We set aside Sundays as dedicated family time, free from work obligations. Additionally, I embraced the convenience of online processes, allowing clients to easily book sessions, sign contracts, and make payments from the comfort of their homes. Simplifying the booking process and respecting the mental load that moms often carry became essential in providing a family-friendly experience.

Jeff and Lorie-Lyn Fernandes share a moment, captured by Vanessa Cosby Photography at New Bedford Water Works Pump Station

The Evolution of Photography Sessions:

As a mother myself, I developed an even deeper appreciation for candid moments. I have always loved capturing authentic interactions, but now, witnessing the personalities of little ones shine through candid shots holds an even greater significance. These unscripted and genuine moments become treasured memories for families.

Advice for Entrepreneurial Parents:

To those entrepreneurs considering taking a break to start a family, I encourage you to embrace the journey wholeheartedly. It is natural to have concerns and uncertainties, but remember that you are capable of adapting and growing. Prioritize your family, establish open communication with your loved ones, and don’t be afraid to seek support when needed. Becoming a parent has a way of transforming us, allowing us to discover new aspects of ourselves that can enhance our businesses.

The Future of Lorie-Lyn Photography:

Lorie-Lyn Photography will continue to be a side business for me, allowing me to balance my career, motherhood, and passion for capturing beautiful moments. I am excited about the future, as I plan to expand my client base and continue celebrating the growth of families year after year. It is an honor to be entrusted with preserving their most cherished memories.

From left to right: Jeff, Ethan, and Lorie-Lyn , as captured by Vanessa Cosby Photography at New Bedford Water Works Pump Station.

Embracing motherhood and returning to Lorie-Lyn Photography has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, growth, and rediscovering my passion for capturing precious moments. I am inspired by the joy and beauty that comes with family connections and the opportunity to freeze those moments in time. Balancing the roles of being a mother and a photographer has required careful planning and prioritization, but the support of my loved ones has been invaluable.

As I reintroduce my business to my clients, I strive to make the booking process family-friendly, understanding the challenges that busy moms face. I value candid moments and focus on capturing the true essence of each family I work with. My personal values of being helpful, trustworthy, and approachable shine through in every interaction.

Looking ahead, I am excited to continue growing my client base and building lasting relationships with the families I have the privilege of photographing. Witnessing their journeys, from engagement to parenthood and beyond, fills my heart with joy. Lorie-Lyn Photography will remain a side business, allowing me to balance my career, motherhood, and passion for capturing treasured memories.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to capture the love, laughter, and precious moments that make life truly special. Let’s create memories together and celebrate the beauty of family.

Jeff and Lorie-Lyn Fernandes swinging their son Ethan, beautifully captured by Vanessa Cosby Photography at New Bedford Water Works Pump Station.

July 19, 2023