A Shimmering Engagement Portrait Session at Brenton Point State Park Newport, RI | Ricky & Josceline

Breathtaking views, intimate moments, and the ever-present aura of love – this was the backdrop for Rick and Josceline’s engagement portrait session on August 12th at the scenic Brenton Point State Park in Newport, RI


Nestled at the southwestern tip of Aquidneck Island, Newport, Brenton Point State Park offers unparalleled panoramas of the Atlantic Ocean as it gently brushes the edges of Narragansett Bay. A more picturesque setting for a declaration of love would be hard to find.

Yet, the day didn’t start as picture-perfect. The rain pelted down as I drove, mirroring the tiny flutters of anxiety I felt. But, in a fortunate twist of serendipity, as I reached the location, the rain ceased, making way for the most awe-inspiring sunlight. Such is love, isn’t it? Sometimes unpredictable but always shining through when we least expect it.

The park, with its vast expanse and mesmerizing views, teemed with people. However, challenges like these often bring out the best in us. With a bit of strategic positioning and a keen eye for detail, we navigated through, capturing images that felt intimate and exclusive to Rick & Josceline. This location is one of my recommended spots for engagement portrait sessions.

Ricky & Josceline

Speaking of the lovely couple, they were nothing short of enchanting. Playful, full of life, and deeply in love, they made the session easy and heartwarming. Their connection was palpable, as if they communicated through silent giggles, longing looks, and whispered secrets. One particular moment stood out above the rest. While I was momentarily distracted, switching out my lens, a glance upwards revealed them sharing a quiet laugh. The world seemed to blur around them, leaving only their radiant love in focus. It was moments like these that truly captured the essence of their bond.

Josceline’s session review warms my heart: “Lorie-Lyn is EXCEPTIONAL! … She had us laughing and feeling great the entire time.” It’s always the aim to not just capture images, but emotions and stories. To be trusted with such an important chapter of their lives is an honor I cherish deeply.

So, to all newly-engaged folks and families out there, looking for memories filled with laughter, love, and a touch of classic charm, I’m here and ready to capture your beautiful engagement portraits. Lets chat!

August 18, 2023