Wedding at Seamen’s Bethel In New Bedford | Dajia & DJ

Welcome to another beautiful love story captured by Lorie-Lyn Photography, where we bring family stories to life through our lens, year after year. Today, I am thrilled to share the captivating wedding of Dajia and DJ, set against the historic backdrop of Seamen’s Bethel in New Bedford, MA, followed by a heartwarming reception at the local Fisherman’s Club. As a second shooter alongside the talented Heirloom Photography by Shannon, I had the honor of capturing the essence of this special day.

The Setting – Seamen’s Bethel and Fisherman’s Club

The Seamen’s Bethel, an iconic New Bedford landmark, offered a serene and intimate space for Dajia and DJ to exchange their vows. The whitewashed walls and timeless architecture whispered tales of maritime history, providing a unique canvas for their ceremony. Later, the celebration continued at the Fisherman’s Club, where the maritime charm was complemented by the warm and festive atmosphere that awaited the guests.

The Couple – Dajia and DJ

Dajia and DJ, a couple whose love shone as brightly as the natural light that flooded their ceremony, stepped into this new chapter of their lives surrounded by family and friends. Their bridal party was a testament to their beloved connections, with a large group that brought vibrance and joy to the day, not to mention the most adorable flower girl and three charming ring bearers whose innocent giggles added a layer of delight to the festivities.

The Details

It was clear that every detail of the reception had been curated with love, especially by the mother of the bride, who poured her heart into creating a vision of elegance. The central hanging décor, a breathtaking arrangement that seemed to float above the main table, drew everyone’s eyes and hearts to the center of the room, symbolizing the love that held this family together.

The Ceremony : Seamen’s Bethel | New Bedford, MA

As the second shooter, my focus was on capturing the genuine, candid moments that often go unnoticed. From the proud glimmer in the parents’ eyes to the subtle exchanges between the couple, each click of the camera captured the unspoken words of love and commitment that filled Seamen’s Bethel. Working with natural light, I sought to immortalize the raw emotions and authenticity of Dajia and DJ’s union.

The Reception : Fisherman’s Club | New Bedford, MA

At the reception, held at the esteemed Fisherman’s Club, the laughter and music soared high as I navigated through the crowd, photographing the bridal party in their celebratory spirit. Each group and couple added their own story to the day, and I aimed to encapsulate these narratives through relaxed and comfortable photography, just as Lorie-Lyn Photography is known for.

Dajia and DJ’s wedding was more than just a celebration; it was a tapestry of love stories, woven together under the roof of Seamen’s Bethel and the Fisherman’s Club. As a Massachusetts family photographer, I am privileged to capture such moments that families and couples can rely on year after year.

For those seeking to immortalize their love stories and family moments in a way that’s as unique as they are, Lorie-Lyn Photography promises a pain-free booking process and an enjoyable experience. Reach out today, and let’s celebrate your story in the light it deserves.

August 22, 2023