Celebrating Rajah: The Golden Heart of Our Family

I love family stories told naturally and authentically. And what could be more natural and authentic than the bond shared by families and their fur babies? Today, I want to share the story of our golden heart, Rajah.

Named after the royal tiger in Disney’s Aladdin, following in the paw prints of our first golden, Jasmine, Rajah entered our lives bringing with him a reign of joy, affection, and the purest form of love. A name that stands for ‘king’ or ‘prince,’ Rajah has indeed ruled our hearts, filling the quiet corners of our home with the patter of paws and the symphony of joyous barks.

Rajah has a special connection with our young son Ethan, teaching us every day the beauty of simple joys – be it carrying toys outside or walking around with a sock in his mouth, a testimony to finding joy in little things. His fondness for family hugs, his ecstatic greetings at the door, everything speaks of a love unfiltered, a joy unbound.
As we celebrate Rajah’s first birthday, we invite you to embrace the spontaneous, the natural, and the affectionate in your family moments, encouraging you to capture these precious times through our lens, where every photo tells a story, a story as unique as your family, as warm as Rajah’s cuddles, and as joyful as his spirit.

September 17, 2023