Ringing in the New Year with Family, Food, and Fun: My Family’s New Year’s Eve Tradition

As the owner of Lorie-Lyn Photography, I’m not just about capturing your family stories and special moments; I’m also passionate about sharing my own. I want to give you a glimpse into our New Year’s Eve tradition that’s close to my heart, one filled with laughter, good food, and lots of love.

Every year, as the calendar page turns, my family and I come together in a celebration that’s been a cornerstone of our lives. It’s a night of dancing, singing, and indulging in some of our favorite treats – crab and shrimp!

The Joy of Our New Year’s Eve Tradition Feast

The star of our feast is undoubtedly the crab. There’s something incredibly comforting about sitting around the table with my loved ones, diving into fresh, perfectly seasoned crab. My parents usually prepare about three dozen, ensuring there’s enough for everyone to enjoy throughout the night.

Family members enjoying a New Year's Eve tradition of serving seasoned crab from a large pot during a festive home gathering. Captured by Lorie-Lyn Photography in Freetown, MA

Our Unique Way of Welcoming the New Year

Our house is always filled with guests – friends and family coming and going, but the warmth and love never fade. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, we gather around the TV, watching the iconic Ball Drop in New York City. And then, as the new year officially begins, we have our own loud and joyful tradition – banging pots and pans outside! It’s our way of welcoming the new year and sending our best wishes to our neighbors (who we hope don’t mind too much!).

But that’s not all. Before we step back into our home, we have a unique ritual. We line up – men first, from the oldest to the youngest, followed by the women in the same order. Stepping into the house with our right foot first, we believe it brings good luck for the year ahead.

After a heartfelt toast to the new year, it’s usually time to call it a night. Even though we’re exhausted, our hearts are full, and the joy of these moments lingers long after.

This year, I’ve captured some of these beautiful moments of our New Year’s Eve Tradition on video and through my lens (and yes guilty my phone camera). Wishing everyone a year filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments!

Banging pots and pans at the stroke of midnight – our family’s way of ringing in the new year with a bang! 🔔✨

January 2, 2024